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About our Automation

Site Hawk utilizes state of the art video analytics.  This places your assets under constant surveillance with artificial intelligence and real-time communication when trouble is near.  We communicate the cause of the alarm to you in a variety of methods while simultaneously alarming onsite so the perpetrators know they are have been detected.

24/7 Always Watching

Security Guards can only be in one place at one time.  Site Hawk is on watch around the clock.  Our automation never takes a break.  We provide an unblinking eye to watch over your assets and make intelligent alarms at your site.

Real-Time Protection

Site Hawk provides an alarm when the trouble is onsite immediately.  It does not wait for human intervention.  Competitors typically only provide "after the fact" forensic analysis of theft or vandalism.  We PREVENT theft before it happens.

Turn Key Solution

Site Hawk is a turn key surveillance and protection system for your site.  We include communications, site configuration, and can send alarms to anyone you choose for assessment.  If you prefer we can do the assessment also.

SITE HAWK Technology

State of the Art

Site Hawks are installed with self-sustaining power systems.  These power systems are designed, installed and configured for powering the entire surveillance system autonomously.  Our edge artificial-intelligence system watches in real-time your site and can distinguish between people, vehicles, and site equipment.  We can also distinguish when to alarm and when to suppress.  Site Hawks can be outfitted with stationary, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), and thermal cameras to best fit your protection needs.  Offsite communications for alarms is included and can be provided by several nationwide carriers.  Our equipment is installed to accommodate the service provider in your area. 

SITE HAWKs work for you

Continuous Operations Around the Nation

Site Hawks have been installed with over 3.5 million continuous surveillance minutes.  We have protected over 1500 sites and prevented countless thefts and intrusions.  Our customers repeat the successes they have realized with Site Hawks deploying them to several construction projects consecutively. 

“The SITE HAWKs deployed at our solar construction site prevented theft on multiple occasions.  The REAL-TIME assessment and alarming sent the intruders running.”

Steve Jacobs

Construction Manager


Our pricing is "all-inclusive".  One price for deployment, setup, configuration, and maintenance. 

  • Delivery to your site.
  • Setup and configuration of camera views per your recommendation
  • Configuration of alarms and automated notifications
  • Alarm notifications are communicated to your team members

24x7 Site Assessment

Optional Time Lapse of Construction Progress

Alarm what you want and when you want. 

Complete turnkey solution for your site.

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Your site's protection is important to us.  Let us help you save money while providing you with the best surveillance system today.

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